UW-Madison accounts for
$30 billion in economic impact statewide.

Together, UW–Madison, UW Hospital And Clinics, And The University’s Affiliated Organizations And Startup Companies:

  • Support 232,000 Wisconsin jobs
  • Generate more than $404.8 million in state and local tax revenue
  • Have an annual impact of $12 billion

Entities Affiliated With UW–Madison:

  • Contribute an additional $8.8 billion to the Wisconsin economy
  • Support more than 54,002 additional jobs
  • Generate nearly $313.8 million in additional tax revenue

More Than 400 UW-Related Start-Up Companies

  • Support nearly 43,000 jobs
  • Generate $320.2 million in tax revenue
  • Contribute $10 billion to the state economy

Research Awards Total

More than
$1.2 Billion

For Every $1 Of
State Tax Investment In
UW–Madison, There Is
$26 In Economic
Activity In Wisconsin


UW–Madison has 2,133 active patents; one is issued every two days

UW-Madison has ranked in the

Top 8

For Research Expenditures

Every year since 1972 when the National
Science Foundation began reporting
national data

UW–Madison’s Expenditures Create $4.5 Billion In Business For Private Companies