Over the past several weeks, we have all seen a lot of conflicting information regarding the spread of COVID-19. Is it airborne or not? How long can the virus survive on surfaces? How many strains of the virus are there? As a world leader in research, experts at UW–Madison are working every day to answer these questions.

Thomas Friedrich ’97, PhD’03, professor of pathobiological sciences in the School of Veterinary Medicine, is a renowned expert on evolution, immunity, and pathogenesis of pandemic viruses. Among other notable achievements, he discovered evolutionary “bottlenecks” in influenza virus transmission that could affect how bird flu jumps to humans. During the Zika and COVID-19 outbreaks, Friedrich collaborated with UW School of Medicine and Public Health colleague David O’Connor to pioneer ways to share information from experiments online in near-real time, facilitating faster and more cooperative research around the world.

Professor Friedrich will explain the virus’s evolution process, how it is transmitted, and details of COVID-19 testing.

A recording of this livestream will be available on uwalumni.com after the event.

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