How Does the Media Create Value?

Jonathan GrayProfessor Jonathan Gray is one of the most creative thinkers working in higher education today. And when he speaks, the entertainment world listens.

Gray’s book Television Entertainment was named Top Academic Title of the Year by Choice Magazine. He was the chair of the Popular Communication Division of the International Communication Association. And, most recently, he was named to the board of the prestigious Peabody Awards.

Gray’s work focuses on how media entertainment and its audiences interact, and how and where value and meaning are created. Through his research and writing, Gray has illuminated how audiences consume media as well as how meaning and impact are constructed outside the film or show itself.

His latest book, Show Sold Separately: Promos, Spoilers, and Other Media Paratexts examines trailers, bonus materials, licensed games, fan creations, reviews — a vast universe of peripheral materials that surround all films and shows. It’s material that’s all around us, yet few have examined. Gray makes sense of it, and in the process virtually creates his own field of study.