Constructing a Global Network of Readers

When it comes to creating an understanding of our world, and constructing a framework of knowledge and critical thinking, few things are as valuable as diving into a good book. Dissecting an author’s intent, cultural background and message has long been a window into other cultures and times. Through the Great World Texts program, scholars at UW Madison’s Center for the Humanities connect with high school students and teachers across the state.

Participating teachers work with UW faculty members on interpreting and understanding each text, enriching the experience for students with extensive supporting materials and workshops that enhance the curriculum. Participants in the program draw inspiration from the variety of cultures and periods of history that they immerse themselves in.

Culminating in an annual conference, students from all participating schools come together to share their work and hear from distinguished speakers. The conference is a highlight for students, teachers and researchers who have spent time and energy poring over texts, building a global understanding and enriching their thinking.

Your donation will help build the breadth of this program by funding academic resources, books, conference attendees and more.