Since 1848

We’ve asked, “what can our university do to benefit society?” Now we need to ask ourselves, “what can we do to advance our university?”—for today, for the next 167 years, and beyond. Together, we can make UW-Madison into the place that will continue to advance the boundaries of knowledge in every direction.

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  • Firsthand Accounts

    Ever wondered where contributions to the UW go? Discover for yourself how gifts enhance the overall Wisconsin Experience and improve student education. These stories from generous donors highlight how important private support from alumni and friends is — and why every contribution counts.

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  • Student Support

    Student Support

    An investment in UW-Madison’s students is an investment in the future.

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  • Educational Experience

    Educational Experience

    Together, our faculty and students create an environment that pushes the boundaries of our knowledge.

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  • Faculty Excellence

    Faculty Excellence

    The UW’s accomplished faculty is the key in advancing the university’s groundbreaking research and exceptional student development.

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  • Research & Innovation

    Research & Innovation

    As one of the world’s most prolific research institutions, the UW is constantly reinventing the notion of possible.

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  • Why Give?

    When Badgers jump around, our impact resonates not just on campus or within Wisconsin’s borders, but around the world. With an unflagging commitment to serving the needs of people everywhere, we’ve blazed a trail of innovation and ingenuity across history. In order to continue being an inspiration and a force for change, we all need to invest in UW-Madison.

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