The Pool Plan: Becoming a Regional Destination

The UW has an opportunity to increase its presence in the greater Madison community and beyond by improving the SERF’s competition pool and diving well and providing additional spectator seating.

Rec Sports plans to design a pool with nearly double the current number of lap lanes in order to accommodate more lap swimmers, sport clubs, intramural sports events, instructional swim programs, group fitness classes, and special events. In addition, Rec Sports will be better suited to host large competitive meets in a state-of-the-art facility. Intercollegiate athletics, the WIAA, USA Swimming, and local swim clubs will be able to take advantage of this outstanding facility.

In addition to hosting more special events, new pools will also improve the daily experience of swimmers on campus. Swimming is well known for being a “lifetime sport” for people of all ages, intentions, and abilities. Every year, Rec Sports members not only advance their swimming technique — many learn how to swim for the very first time. Approximately 95% of current pool users are recreational lap swimmers, sport club members, or swim lesson participants.

Upgraded pools may help the university (and Madison) become a destination for local, state, regional, and national aquatic competitions. The UW already plays such an integral role in the local culture, and these enhanced facilities continue that tradition by attracting new events and providing new opportunities for novice swimmers and varsity athletes alike.