Pioneering Educational Neuroscience

The research of the future is upon us today. And the UW-Madison School of Education is on the leading edge of this frontier by pioneering the possibilities of educational neuroscience.

This emerging field could revolutionize the way educators, parents and policymakers approach education.

Faculty members with the nation’s No. 1-ranked Department of Educational Psychology are developing crucial insight into how the brain functions – new knowledge that can inform education theory and practice in powerful new ways. Edward Hubbard directs the UW Educational Neuroscience Lab, while Percival Matthews heads the Mathematics Education Learning and Development Lab. Martina Rau directs the Learning, Representations and Technology Lab, and Haley Vlach leads the Learning, Cognition and Development Lab.

“Our researchers are examining the neural underpinnings of learning and utilizing the latest technological advances to better understand how the brain functions as students engage in learning,” says UW-Madison’s Bradford Brown, chair of the Department of Educational Psychology.

While this field is still in its infancy and rapidly evolving, the School of Education is uniquely positioned to explore such questions at the intersection of learning and neuroscience. The School is home to leading researchers and top-notch facilities in education, neuroscience and imaging, and related fields such as cognitive psychology.

Supporting the new Education Neuroscience Fund is vital to expanding this effort and improving learning outcomes.