Katharyn A. May Nursing Innovation Fund

The UW–Madison School of Nursing does more than educate nurses in Madison classrooms and clinics. Its instructors and researchers also develop systems and products that help to spread—to borrow from the Wisconsin Idea—the beneficent influence of the university to every home (and health care institution) in the state and around the world.

UW nursing faculty have developed tools such as eSchoolCare, which allows school nurses to go online to tap in to expertise from the School of Nursing and the American Family Children’s Hospital to help treat kids with asthma, diabetes, severe allergies, cancer, and mental health disorders. These don’t only promote health — they also offer opportunities that the School of Nursing can take to market.

To develop the school’s innovative ideas, it will need capital and business expertise. The Nursing Innovation Initiative will help to secure the expertise the school will need to develop plans and models to derive sustainable funding streams for its products and services, and it will provide start-up funding for pilot projects, including marketing materials and feasibility studies. It will spur entrepreneurial creativity among faculty and students so that innovative nursing ideas and concepts can be dispersed into the community in an economically viable manner, and it will offer bridge funding until successful grant-funded projects such as eSchoolCare can become self-sufficient.