Innovative Approach to Engineering Excellence

When UW-Madison pursues big changes in teaching methods, students have a better chance at succeeding in the real world. Where professors see flipped course models and flexible classroom spaces, employers see more undergraduates picking up communication and collaboration skills that often prove just as important as the technical foundations of engineering.

That’s where the Plexus Collaboratory, a new learning space in Engineering Hall, comes in. This innovative educational center will give students an open, collaborative environment that breaks down the barriers between classroom and lab. While the lab’s workstations will provide an array of advanced technical capacities for instruction and design projects, its layout will serve the innovative course structures in which the UW-Madison Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is a national leader.

“Flipped” or “blended” courses shift class time away from lectures and into hands-on projects where students benefit from increased interactions with their instructors, and reinforce what they learn by helping to teach each other. And, with your support of the Engineering Innovation Fund, the thought leadership that’s occurring in the College of Engineering will continue. So please contribute — any amount is appreciated — to help maintain the tradition of excellence that will generate the next generation of innovative and accomplished leaders.