Financial Education and Capability for the 21st Century

According to the Wall Street Journal, the college class of 2015 was the most indebted ever. Students who graduated last May did so owing an average of $35,000.

Trends indicate that their place atop that ranking is likely to last only until the Class of 2016 graduates.

The fiscal reality for those entering the workforce in the 21st century is different from the challenges their parents faced. And SoHE hopes to help prepare graduates for that reality.

The Financial Education and Capability for the 21st Century initiative has two components: campus-wide and major-specific.

In the former, SoHE will offer a one-credit course in financial capability that will be open to all UW students. This blended in-class and online learning model will cover topics that teach students how to have well-being during their student years and how to transition into life after professional employment.

The major-specific component will increase access to SoHE’s personal finance program, both by increasing enrollment in the major itself and by offering a personal finance certificate to students in related majors, such as economics.

Funds for this initiative will support faculty and staff while expanding student access to valuable life skills.