Engineering Faculty Support

Energy, transportation, water, climate, communication, food and health.

The faculty at the University of Wisconsin’s College of Engineering are concerned with the world’s big challenges. The college treats these challenges seriously and gives its educators and researchers the time and encouragement to explore creative solutions.

That’s one of the things that attract top faculty to the College of Engineering. And when the college can offer the funds to give its professors top-flight laboratory and instructional support, it can lead the world in innovation.

The UW has long been among the top universities in engineering. It has 30 professors named to the National Academy of Engineering, four in the National Academy of Sciences, and two in the Institute of Medicine.

The College of Engineering seeks to expand its faculty support—with endowed chairs, named professorships, scholar awards, and more—so that it can continue to be a key driver for technological and social progress. By increasing faculty support, the college hopes to:

  • Fund large-scale, multidisciplinary efforts
  • Improve competitiveness for extramural research grants
  • Explore new collaborations
  • Facilitate submission of nationally competitive proposals for centers or other large-scale, collaborative opportunities

Faculty support is about more than raising salaries. It’s about giving teachers the opportunity to mentor the brightest students, about the chance to see ideas become inventions, and about time spent working in world-class facilities. That’s what attracts faculty who want to solve the big challenges.