Helping Badgers Find Their Paths: L&S Career Initiative

When he started at UW Madison, Ryan Kielczewski was excited by all of the opportunities available to him. After trying his hand at a variety of majors and courses, he settled on Economics his sophomore year. But as for his career plan, that’s a different story.

College is an exciting time, filled with possibility and promise. But for some students, the opportunities can also be daunting. That’s where the Letters and Science Career Initiative comes in. The program is designed to work with students who are unsure about what to do in college or with their careers afterward.

The Initiative focuses on academic and career planning, emphasizing knowledge and skill building, practical job skills, goal-setting, critical thinking and reflection. Together, these skills help students who might have difficulty in the job market to find their direction through the world.

In order to continue to help our students plan for a bright future, we hope to build out the Career Initiative further, establishing it as the gold standard for career planning courses in the country. Additional resources such as guest speakers, mentors, and career planning services will help students establish a strong foothold in their chosen career path, and provide the tools they need to go out and achieve incredible things.